Trail Access / Parking Areas

There are a number of easily accessible trails and parking areas within the Abbott Marshlands.  Please refer to the numbered locations on the map and find their corresponding descriptions and directions below. 

Please note that bicycling is allowed only on the trail around Spring Lake (1) and on the D&R Canal Tow Path Trail (7). Other trails are too fragile.  The NJ Transit Light Rail station (6) provides easy access via public transportation.  For Tidal Water Trail Access see Watson Woods (3) and/or Bordentown Beach(6).  Motorized vehicles are not permitted on any trails.


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NOTICE: Neither Friends for the Marsh, D&R Greenway Land Trust, or other organizations or individuals mentioned in this website are responsible for injury, loss of property, or other events that might occur on a visit at the Abbott Marshlands.


  • Green Darner © Herb Lord
    Green Darner © Herb Lord

    Please walk on trails. The marsh is a fragile resource. Trampled plants may not recover.

  • Please note that trails may be slightly rerouted due to downed trees. Trails have been marked using plastic arrows instead of blazes (paint).
  • When canoeing or kayaking, take care in tidal areas; currents may be fast, forceful, and dangerous, and the water deep. Wear a life vest at all times. Take guided trips if you are an inexperienced paddler. Except for Spring Lake, waterways are tidal. For tide information see local newspapers or Tides on this website.
  • Please follow canoe / boating courtesy rules when you paddle. See, then click on Learn To Paddle, then click on Top Five Tips; or  Large boats that are difficult to turn have the right of way.
  • Don’t forget to check for ticks that can be active any time of the year. Also take care to prevent mosquitoes from biting.
  • Please report downed trees and other trail impediments to
  • Be mindful that this natural area is located in an urban setting. Use caution when visiting. Don’t leave your camera or valuables lying about. Report any suspicious behavior to the Hamilton (609-581-4000) or Bordentown Township (609- 298-2800) Police. In an emergency, call 911.

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