Cancelled – First Saturday Wellness Walk – Pointe Breeze

Join the Friends for a special First Saturday Walk to explore Pointe Breeze in Bordentown City, the current home of Divine Word Missionaries.  Point Breeze is the name of the estate built by Joseph Bonaparte, brother of Napolean and former King of Spain, who lived in Bordentown City in the early 1800's.  Stephanie Fox from […]

Wisdom of Trees: Exhibit – Temporarily Closed

Tulpehaking Nature Center 157 Westcott Ave., Hamilton

"Trees speak to the mind, and tell us many things, and teach us many good lessons.” Anonymous 17th Century Gardener What do we know about trees? How do they survive winter? How do they grow? Do they communicate? What would our world be like without trees? These are just a few of the questions to […]

Virtual Summer Lecture Series – Wild New Jersey: Nature Adventures in the Garden State

Conserve Wildlife Foundation executive director and author David Wheeler takes the audience on a journey through the diverse wildlife, nature destinations, and outdoor activities offered in New Jersey. Far from its typical stereotypes, the Garden State actually hosts biodiversity that is nearly unmatched anywhere else in the country in such a small region. From bald […]

Forest Bathing with Romy of Romy Yoga

Join Romy of Romy Yoga for a Forest Bathing experience in the Abbott Marshlands - Forest bathing or shinrin-yoku. Shinrin in Japanese means “forest,” and yoku means “bath”.  So come prepared to bathe your senses in the forest atmosphere.  You will be taking a simple walk in nature as Romy guides you to connect with […]

Virtual Summer Lecture Series – Bats: Creatures of the Night

Bats: Creatures of the Night Often stereotyped as sinister and dangerous, bats are among the most beneficial animals for humans - providing free pest control and indirectly helping our health, agriculture, and water quality. Join Conserve Wildlife Foundation biologist Ethan Gilardi on a lively talk exploring common myths and misconceptions about bats, spotlighting current threats […]

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