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Fine Photography Exhibit through May 5th

Featuring Joseph Bonaparte’s Point Breeze and the Abbott Marshlands. Sunday, March 12 2023 from 2:30-4:30pm at the Tulpehaking Nature Center 157 Westcott Ave, Hamilton NJ. Details at Tulpehaking Nature

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Conversations at the Easel

As I’ve peered intently at nuanced color and movement in quiet, remote corners of our Hamilton landscape and other places along the northeastern corridor, passers-by have peered curiously at me

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8922 Blue Dasher 1

Odonata in the Abbott Marshlands

Dancers, Darners, Skimmers, Clubtails, Forktails, Emeralds, Bluets, Spreadwings and Jewelwings! These are some of the colorful names given to families of insects in the order Odonata, which are commonly known

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