Fall Canoes (© Leona Fluck)

Some of the best wildlife observations can be made from a canoe or kayak.  As you move along silently, it may be possible to get close to birds, which would otherwise shy away from humans, or possibly even a Beaver or River Otter.   As you glide past flowers, such as Pickerelweed, look for smaller wildlife like bumble bees, Tiger Swallowtails, other butterflies, and dragonflies.

Canoeing and kayaking launch locations are: Spring Lake at Roebling Park, Watson Woods for Watson’s Creek, Bordentown Boat launch at Bordentown Beach for Crosswicks Creek and the Delaware River, and the Trenton Boat Launch for the Delaware River.   See Getting There for directions.   For a schedule of trips co-sponsored by Friends for the Abbott Marshlands and the Sierra Club, click here or check our Calendar.

© M.A. Leck

Class Sampling (© MA Leck)

Please Remember:

  • When canoeing or kayaking, take care in tidal areas; currents may be fast, forceful, and dangerous, and the water deep.  Wear a life vest at all times.  For tide information see local newspapers or click here.
  • For your safety, follow canoe / boating safety rules when you canoe or kayak.  For canoeing and boating safety see www.americancanoe.orgTop Five Tips; or Canoe Safety Tips for Kids.  Take guided trips if you are not an experienced paddler.